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"I thank God for having known muslims before I knew islam"


Study of the content of islam:

After the Qoran, the gospels and the thora aren't falsified. But the Qoran contradicts them.

Refutation of the "scientific miracles" of the Qoran

Mistakes of the Qoran and bad examples of Mohammed (coming soon)

If a muslim leaves islam, he must be killed, after Mohammed

Is music allowed in islam? (coming soon)

Did "satanic verses exist, as it is writen in the sunna? (coming soon)

Refutation of the numeric miracle of the Qoran (coming soon)

Are muslims allowed to leave in non-muslim countries? (coming soon)

How must unbelievers be treated after the Qoran and the sunna?

How must women be treated after the Qoran and the sunna?

Experiences about islam:

My own testimony (I left christianity, and then I almost converted to islam) (coming soon)

Huge lies of the most important french muslim scholar in order to spread islam (coming soon)

Other examples of lies in order to spread islam (coming soon)

Answers to some arguments of believers (coming soon)

Is there a moderate islam? (coming soon)

The authority-influence effect, when someboby converts to islam (coming soon)

Ali Sina's testimonies (to the site

Some actions you can do against religions (in french and in german, but soon in english too!)

Faith, certainty, as an obligation in order to escape hell: the worst problem in religion (coming soon)

New articles (more recent articles are not always on this page yet; then you can find them here).

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